Stroke Data project


We are co-creating solutions for stroke prevention, diagnostics and tertiary prevention


  • Co-create mobile solution that improves stroke care and cerebrovascular disorders risk diagnostics for risk patients
  • Co-create advanced AI machine learning algorithms for stroke prevention
  • Pilot the data-driven support system in the pre-hospital context to test its feasibility


  • Co-create advanced AI and machine learning algorithms for stroke diagnostics
  • Co-create advanced decision support system for stroke / TIA diagnostics
  • Validate the potential of microwave imagining and NIRS brain fluid sensors combined with other data in the accuracy of stroke diagnosis
  • Validate the feasibility of combining heterogeneous data with AI and machine learning approaches in for stroke diagnosis

Impact & business models

  • Develop a system dynamic model for predictive impact evaluation in the case of improved diagnostics of stroke cases
  • Develop internationalization model for the Stroke-Data solutions (e.g. in Nordics, Europe, Singapore, Australia)